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Honda Fit

Honda Fit performance part now available at New Edge Performance. The new Honda Fit is a throw-back to the mid-1980's Honda Civics and CRXs. The Honda Fit power-to-weight ratio is very similar to that of those legendary Civics and CRXs perhaps the Honda Fit will follow in their giant killer footsteps! The Honda Fit aftermarket is blowing up with lots of new Honda Fit performance parts and accessory.

The Honda Fit will give rise to a rebirth of Honda Tuning. Honda Fit performance is exploding with the basics like Honda Fit exhaust, all the way up to Honda Fit Supercharger kits in development. It is going to be an exciting time to be a Honda Fit tuner.

Check back weekly as new performance parts become available.  Click on the sections below for more Honda Fit performance parts and accessory.


Cold Air Intakes and replacement filters
Brake Rotors, Brake pads, Brake hose kits
Engine Torque Dampers, Motor Mounts, etc
Headers, Cat backs, axlebacks
Short throw shifters and Interior dress-up items
Honda Fit Lowering Springs, Sway bars, stress bars, bushings
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