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Hornet FWD Stock Car Parts

Hornet or IMCA Sport Compact racing with front wheel drive cars in stock car racing is becoming popular at many stock car tracks, both dirt and asphalt. This division often has the largest turnout of any class at most tracks. Traditional stock car supply shops have very few parts to offer the front wheel drive racers. Here at New Edge Performance, we offer parts for the Hornet FWD racer that you may have a hard time finding elsewhere. More parts are being added as I find them.

Other names for this type of race cars are Hornet, Sport Compact, Pony Stock, Hobby Stock, FWD Compact, 4 Cylinders, Factory Stock, Junk Car, Sidewinders, FWD Pure Stock, Rice Rockets, Rice Burners, etc. Some tracks will have similar classes using FWD cars with 6 cylinder engines.

Check your local rules before you order, I cannot keep up with every track's rules for this division. Rules and their enforcement will vary from track to track, so if in doubt, don't do it...or don't tell anyone!

If you don't see what you are looking for, send an email to

Parts for Cavalier Sunfire Hornet Race Cars
Parts for Dodge Neon Hornet race cars
Parts for Escort and ZX2 Hornet Race Cars
Parts for Ford Focus Hornet Race Cars
Parts that fit Hornets regardless of make or model
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